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Norwegian Decisions

Below you will find information concerning Norwegian Decisions concerning LMOs. For information on decisions and declarations of other countries, search the BCH Central Portal

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Decisions under the advance informed agreement procedure, AIA. 
Information pertaining to the operation of the advance informed agreement procedure (AIA). Search now...
Decisions under Article 11 
Information pertaining to final decisions taken by a Party regarding LMOs for direct use as food or feed, or for processing, including decisions related to domestic use (Article 11.1) and decisions related to import (Article 11.4 and Article 11.6). Search now...
Other Decisions & Declarations. 
Information pertaining to a decision or declaration which is not related to any of the above (including decisions under Articles 6.1, 13.1a, 13.1b, and 14.4, as well as Article 11.6 declarations and Article 17.1 notifications). Search now...
Risk Assessments. 
Information about risk assessments. Search now...
Unique Identification (UI) 
Registry of unique identification codes for living modified organisms. Search now...